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Course Description

The Nursing Examination Preparatory course is Dr. Pulse’s program which a  the result of curricula developed over years of mastering, training and educating foreign educated nurses in passing NCLEX RN and LPN Courses. This course is designed with concepts of licensure and is a great program for refreshing nurses seeking licensure in Canada. Even if you have a Gap in practice or academics or for a veteran nurse this training helps you in achieving your goal.


The training is a combination of pretest, post tests, live lectures, readings, hands-on-training, Q/A review and final exit examination. The modules are conducted  live typically held one – two modules per week, including a diagnostic examination, skills revalidation, mock examinations and one on one performance evaluation. This allows for increased individual learning and preparation time between classes. Lesson 1: Issues in Nursing Lesson 2: Nursing Sciences Lesson 3: Fundamentals of Nursing Lesson 4: Maternity Nursing Lesson 5: Growth and Development Lesson 6: Pediatric Nursing Lesson 7: Musculoskeletal System Lesson 8: Integumentary System Lesson 9: Endocrine System Lesson 10: Gastrointestinal System Lesson 11: Genitourinary System Lesson 12: Ear, Eyes, Nose & Throat Lesson 13: Oncology Nursing Lesson 14: Immune System Lesson 15: Respiratory System Lesson 16: Cardiovascular System/ Hematology Lesson 17: Nervous System Lesson 18: Psychiatric Nursing Pharmacology/Labs/Medication Calculations and much more..

Upcoming Schedule:

Next Batch Starts Everymonth on a rolling cycle

Expected Outcome:

Upon successful completion of the training program, candidates would feel confidently prepared to attempt their professional licensing examination course such as NCLEX RN 
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