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About Us

Specialized Medical Training Center

At Dr. Pulse we are passionate about offering you an exceptional training like no other. We understand how valuable your time is and well as gaining the knowledge of the course content to be utilized in the field. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure you understand the materials to not just pass the course and exams, but to also feel comfortable performing the skills learned in a real-life situation. Conveniently Located in the heart of Toronto, ON in Canada at the Impeccable landmark location Eaton Center - we couldn't have found a better place to house our office.

  • NNAS and NCLEX RN, CPNRE LPN Application Processing
  • NCLEX RN, CPNRE LPN Examination Review Courses
  • OSCE Skills (IENCAP) Exam Preparation
  • IELTS and CELBAN Exam Preparation
  • WSIB Approved Perri-Med First Aid and CPR Training Certifications

Individuals to be Trained by 2025


Internationally Educated Nurses to assist by 2025

20 +

Medical Courses, Trainings and Certifications


Be the leading CME Training Provider


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